Introducing the Grace Sermon Audio Page

Can You Get Enough Good Preaching and Teaching?

My personal answer is no. I am always looking for good solid Biblical preaching and teaching that clear presents and stands for the faith.  The messages that I have added to this page are from the most recent Grace Conference at Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church. I highly recommend this conference. If interested please see click on the link below.

For info on this years conference:

I felt it beneficial to make these audio files available because I feel that these particular sermons and sessions provide answers to many dilemmas that Christians face and they answers many of the challenges to free grace theology. I trust they will also greatly encourage existing believers to go forth and serve Christ not out of fear but our of love for what Christ has done for us.

Jim F

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4 Responses to Introducing the Grace Sermon Audio Page

  1. hollysgarcia says:

    Jim, I would love to listen to these, but found no audio files. I did find a list of what was at the conference, but no place to click to listen. Any suggestions?

  2. hollysgarcia says:

    I guess this year’s conference is over? I saw no dates either.

  3. jimfloyd12 says:

    Holly, you should be able to go to my new stand alone page: Grace Sermon Audio. I have uploaded 8 sermons/sessions from last year’s conference. Let me know if that work for you.

    Jim F

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