New Grace Conference Sermon Audio files now Available

Greetings All,

I hope this finds you all enjoying a great holiday season. I can think of no better way to celebrate Christmas than to celebrate the free gift of eternal that has been provided for us through Christ. For that to have been possible, the Son of God had to take on human flesh and be born into the world. He came that we as sinners might be redeemed. Praise God He fulfilled the requirement through His atoning work on the cross and died as a sacrificial, perfect, Holy, spotless lamb as the sacrifice for the sin debt of the whole world. Today He is risen and we can celebrate all these truths any time of the year.

To that end I introduce the new Grace Sermon Audio page for 2014.

I hope that you and your families find these to be a blessing over the next year and beyond.

Merry Christmas!

Jim Floyd

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5 Responses to New Grace Conference Sermon Audio files now Available

  1. mary says:

    Hi Jim,
    just checked out J.B.Hixson, he has just done a sermon on Why i am no longer free grace. Don’t know much about him, is he one to be avoided.

  2. jimfloyd12 says:

    Hi Mary,

    JB is fine to listen to. He was just at my church this fall and I got to talk to him in person and get to know him a bit. The reason he and others are shying away from the label “free grace” is because of those that hold the “crossless” gospel position. Some men like JB are just trying to avoid that accusation. It is not that they are leaving what you and I see as the free grace view.

    Jim F

  3. sam says:

    Jim just listened to Phill Stringer a really good message.The problem is most churches are into the works salvation Gospel.The last church I attended I left well over a year ago for this reason.A couple of months ago the pastor there gave a message on misplaced grace,I happened to find out about it,so I listened to it and he was talking about me,he did not mention my name but anyone there could easily know he was talking about me(live in small town).I wouldn’t of cared if he had mentioned my name if he told the truth about the meetings we had,but he misrepresented terribly what we had talked about.I thought about it a few days and I called him and he admitted he was talking about me,so I asked if he would come over to my house as we needed to talk about this.He apologized many time during our meeting of over 3 hours and of course I forgave him and told him I would of had no problem of him using my name if he told the truth about what we talked about.(which mainly was about the Gospel,repentence,works etc.)we went through many verses and he never was able to dispute any of the verses we went through.In his message to the congregation he used eph 2;10 and James chapter 2 to claim Paul and James agreed that works are necessary. I explained these and many others from the free grace view and he has no answer,he said he would take a look at these again but have heard nothing now in over 2 months.He also stated I believe you can just say a majic prayer or I think its some sort of mystical thing so Im convinced he was trying to completely discredit me to any of his members that I have talked to including members of my own family.Much more I could say but this is too long already.Thanks for these messages they keep me strong as sometimes it pretty frustrating.

  4. jimfloyd12 says:


    It always baffles me when a preacher can’t understand that salvation is received by faith not by works or some type of prayer. People that do not understand how to receive eternal life are not qualified to be preachers. It might sound harsh but that is a basic truth which all preachers should know.

    I am glad you were able to witness to him and explain your view. Perhaps the Word of God will convince him.

    Jim F

  5. sam says:

    Jim actually in his sermon to his congregation he claimed that I think you can just say a magic prayer to be saved.He also stated that I think its some kind of mystical thing which is completely untrue.You know Jim I was just blown away at first as I have treated him with respect every time we talked.I did give him 3 different Bible tracts and a cd on how permanent is your salvation by Hank Lindstrom also gave him a print out of some questions for a lordship salvationist by charles bing.Jim had to get this off my chest as there are no grace believers here so Im on my own.Anyway I will be listening to these messages thank God for you guys.

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