A Gift for Pakistan

Christmas is a great time of year to reflect on the Savior that came into the world to be made flesh. He did so to be an eventual sacrifice for all of mankind. Jesus didn’t stay dead, but after He was buried, He rose again and offers His purchased eternal life to all who will believe upon Him for it.

This year I have a great opportunity for like-minded believers to give to a very worthwhile cause. A friend of mine lives in Pakistan and is attempting to translate books into Urdu. Urdu is spoken in Pakistan and portions of India. There is currently a vacuum to be filled in Pakistan. Many seek the truth but do not find it in the nation’s majority religion. There are other groups seeking to fill that void that do not get the gospel right much less the rest of what they teach. The goal is to have materials made available to help train local pastor to reach Pakistan and India with the clear gospel of Jesus Christ. The fields are white already. The financial need is great as it is not cheap to translate thousands of pages of text but the opportunity is eternally great. A gift given toward this project can yield eternal blessings as the gospel can be taken clearly into a part of the world hungry for truth.

The time is short as there is opportunity but there is competition for the minds of those seeking truth. Above are book covers that have been completed. They represent a start of an effort to spread the clear gospel to a part of the world that previously had less ability to receive it.

The books will be part of an online school for training. Students are not able there to meet in person but may access materials online under a self-study model. There will also be potential to make audio books available to those in India.

Here is a list of books slated to be translated:

31 Days with the Master Fisherman – Dr. R. Larry Moyer
A Cultish Side of Calvinism – Micah Coate
Addresses on the Gospel of John (Dr. H. A. Ironside)
Basic Theology – Charles C. Ryrie
Book by Pastor Jim Floyd – Counseling those who were trapped in Cults
Book by Pastor Jim Floyd – Grace and Tricky Passages (Blog)
Charismatic Phenomenon – Peter Masters
Commentary on Revelation – Dr. Tony Garland
Daniel – Dr. Paul N. Benware
Dear God, I’m Ticked Off – Dr. R. Larry Moyer
Free Grace Theology – 5 Ways It Magnifies the Gospel – Various
Freely By His Grace (Classical Free Grace Theology) – Hixson, Whitmire and Zuck
Grace, Salvation, and Discipleship – Dr. Charlie Bing
Growing in the Family – Dr. R. Larry Moyer
Handbook of Personal Evangelism – Dr. A. Ray Stanford
Hermeneutics Workbook 01
Hermeneutics Workbook 02
Let’s Preach the Gospel – Pastor Dennis Rokser
Living in the Family of Grace – Dr. Charlie C. Bing
Seven Reasons not to Ask Jesus in your heart – Pastor Dennis Rokser
Share Christ in the Workplace – Dr. R. Larry Moyer
Show Me How to Share the Gospel – Dr. R. Larry Moyer
Simply by Grace – Dr. Charlie Bing
Survey of the New Testament – Dr. Paul N. Benware
Survey of the Old Testament – Dr. Paul N. Benware
The Dark Side of Calvinism – George L. Bryson
The Perfect Sacrifice – Jim Floyd and Pastor Tyler Leigeb
What about Lordship Salvation

This holiday season, please consider giving a gift toward this project that will keep on giving. Please share this as you are able.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Fundraiser by Jim Floyd : Help translating grace books from English to Urdu (gofundme.com)

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