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Beware of The Shack

Beware of the Shack The book The Shack by William P. Young is a bestseller and has now been made into a movie. However much this is hyped or praised, please do not allow yourself to be deceived by it. … Continue reading

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Voting and Faith

Weighing heavily on my mind has been the topic of voting and how it relates to faith. I will give some principles from my American and christian perspective. Not all countries have even have the right to vote but there … Continue reading

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Repentance According to Spurgeon

All too often you will hear preaching on repentance that really is not Biblical repentance in context of receiving the gift of salvation through faith. You will hear some fundamental pastors deny that Spurgeon was a Calvinist or that he … Continue reading

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Ray Comfort – what’s wrong with his gospel?

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The Accursed Message of The “Way of the Master” Isn’t that kind of strong?  Harsh?  My judgment is made on Ray’s doctrine and his teaching from his own videos and blogs and home page. I’ve had…

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Another Gospel – The Truth about Lordship “salvation.”

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Our friend Mark Andre has produced an amazing Biblical video, proclaiming the Truth of the Gospel of Grace and exposing all that is wrong with Lordship “salvation,” Calvinism and other false teachings.…

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The Gospel According to MacArthur: Examing the book The Gospel According to Jesus Pt4 – Repentance and Faith

So far we have considered some of John MacArthur’s beliefs and two examples of how these beliefs play out concerning the story of Nicodemus and the story of the woman at the well.  Now I want to wrap up this … Continue reading

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True or False: A Person Who Believes In Jesus For Salvation WILL Have A Change Of Behavior

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By Jack Weaver and our fellow Administrator, John.  In a recent Internet conversation with a gentleman, he insisted that a person who believes in Christ WILL have a change of behavior. He…

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