The Perfect Sacrifice

The year has come and is almost gone. I have had time for few posts this year but thankfully work has been completed on the new book that I have been writing with my pastor, Tyler Leigeb. We set out about a year and a half ago to address, in written form, the current teaching in some grace circles that Jesus died a spiritual death on the cross in order to atone for sin.  Needless to say, this has been a tough task for multiple reasons. The subject matter touches many trickier passages and there are considerations to make concerning the fact that there is not agreement on this issue among believers.  In thinking about the miraculous virgin birth and the reality of Christ’s coming to earth, I was reminded again that He didn’t just come to be here. He came so that he could lay down the physical life that He took up. He did this sacrificially, innocent and without spot. That includes the fact that it was without any spiritual separation from God the Father. Thankfully God the Father was pleased in the Son. Today God can be pleased with you if you have been imputed Christ’s righteousness by faith based upon His shed blood, physical death, burial, and glorious resurrection.


Special thanks for this book goes out to my wife Shannon for her help and support and Isaac Davis for his work on the cover.  Pastor Tyler provided material and set the direction for the heart behind the book. Our goal was for friends in the ministry to look to the Word itself to see if the things we see are there. If they are, then a decision needs to be made concerning this teaching. Either JDS is Biblical or it isn’t. I pray that people see the importance of the issue.

The book can currently be purchased here in print or in pdf format.

Merry Christmas!

Jim Floyd
For additional reading, please see my previous post concerning Robert Dean’s error.
Also, please take time to listen to my Pastor’s sermons: “The Cup”, “Forsaken”, and “What Satisfied the Father”

Sermon Audio

More to come.


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8 Responses to The Perfect Sacrifice


  2. jimfloyd12 says:

    Thanks Kerin, you should be able to have it sent via one of the intentional mail options or the PDF is a download for your computer. If you are not able to purchase it online or have difficulty let me know.

  3. Kerin Kelly says:

    Thanks for your article and the wonderful work you do at exposing this heresy Jim. John 14:11 comes to mind when Jesus tells his disciples, “Believe me that I am in the Father and the Father is in me, …dangerous times we are in, your ministry is a blessing for all his sheep. I would love to buy your book, how do I do this living in Australia?

  4. Kerin Kelly says:

    Jim, I totally agree with Nadine’s comments, you and this site along with the expreacherman site are a beacon shining in the darkness for those like me wanting to seek the truth of the Gospel, and the finished work of our Savior. Thank you brother and I pray that many of those who are lost to LS come to this site to know the truth of the Gospel and the FREE GIFT that Jesus gave us once and for all. Yours in Christ. Kerin

  5. Curtis M says:

    “Good Bible study comes down more to diligence in comparing scriptures with scriptures and resting in the Lord than through intelligence. The way I see it is that if someone is going to say something that significant then they had better have ample verses to back it up. When you don’t then it is a good sign you are probably messing something up with human “logic”.

  6. jimfloyd12 says:

    I have added some links to the article.

  7. jimfloyd12 says:

    Dennis Clough, if that is your opinion then this book is for you. We explain why the Psalm 22 quote is not in context of spiritual forsakeness.

    We also explain Isa 53 and many other comparison verses. Simply Chirst could not and did not die spiritually. If you are an objective person then I challenge you to read the book and decide for yourself.

    Jim Floyd

  8. Nadinemarie Warner says:

    God bless you brother , I love you in Christ , the Lord has used you to help me to stand fast ,,,,for all eternity we rejoice in God’s Grace . Sister Nadine

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