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Kyle Idleman, Not a Fan, and Common Problems with Lordship Salvation Part 1

Kyle Idleman is the Teaching Pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky and he has written a popular book titled Not a Fan. Idleman, Kyle (2011-06-07). Not a Fan: Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus Zondervan. Kindle Edition … Continue reading

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The Error of the Reformed Gospel

Last time we looked at an error concerning Jesus allegedly dying spiritually. This time I want to consider a far more prevalent brand of error.  The system that this error is derived from has spread through many denominations and churches … Continue reading

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Changes at Northland International University: Matt Olson on Transparency

There still seems to be news coming out of my former college once know as Northland Baptist Bible College. They are now known by the name Northlnd International University and have changed their stance from where it was in the … Continue reading

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How to Be Saved In Their Own Words: Part 3 – Billy Graham, John Calvin, and Augustine of Hippo

Billy Graham is a famous evangelist so I thought it would be fitting to check and see how he suggests that a person can be saved from the penalty of sin. I have also included quotes from Calvin and Augustine. I … Continue reading

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How to be Saved in Their Own Words: Part 1 – Ray Comfort

This series will look at quotes from teachers and preachers past and present to examine some of their statements concerning how people can obtain salvation. Just what is the gospel? How does a man get saved from the penalty of … Continue reading

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