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Beware of the “Crossless” Gospel

A few months back I encountered a fellow on Facebook that claimed to be of a grace position but advocated a view of the  gospel that is content to leave out certain key facts including the atonement and resurrection of … Continue reading

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New Grace Conference Sermon Audio files now Available

Greetings All, I hope this finds you all enjoying a great holiday season. I can think of no better way to celebrate Christmas than to celebrate the free gift of eternal that has been provided for us through Christ. For … Continue reading

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Bible Basics: Is Your Gospel Good News?

All too often I hear people talk about the gospel of Jesus Christ yet something is off.  How many of you remember receiving mail from Publisher’s Clearing House and it said something to the effect that you may have won … Continue reading

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Bible Basics: What is Eternal Salvation?

Questions abound when it comes to the Bible and Christianity.  I will attempt to develop a series of posts that answer the important questions starting with eternal salvation . Eternal Salvation: Why do people need eternal salvation Since the sinful … Continue reading

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He Is Alive !

Praise God that Christ is risen!  Jesus Christ the eternal Son of God came to earth, lived a sinless perfect life, suffered, bled, and died for the sin of all mankind. As amazing as that is, He also rose again. … Continue reading

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Lordship Salvation for “Dummies” ? Examining the Meaning of Faith

Recently I engaged in some discussion with Pastor and blogger Kent Brandenburg. He admittedly embraces a Lordship salvation view of the gospel.  One of his more recent posts was titled “Lordship Salvation for Dummies”.  In it, he explains what he … Continue reading

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Introducing the Grace Sermon Audio Page

Can You Get Enough Good Preaching and Teaching? My personal answer is no. I am always looking for good solid Biblical preaching and teaching that clear presents and stands for the faith.  The messages that I have added to this … Continue reading

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