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In Defense of the Trinity

In order to stand for the faith, there come times when it is necessary to defend key truths. Some say today that there is no such thing as the Trinity and that Jesus and the Father are one in the … Continue reading

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The Gospel According to MacArthur: Examining the book The Gospel According to Jesus Pt2 (Nicodemus)

The following is a continuation in the series on the gospel according to MacArthur.¬† One of his first examples in the book The Gospel According to Jesus is that of Nicodemus. Let’s look to see how MacArthur’s theology interprets this … Continue reading

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Salvation: A Present and Future Reality for Believers

Last time we took a look at eternal security, how it is clearly taught in scripture, and how it is foundational for Christian growth. ¬†Today I draw your attention to salvation itself. We know that it is the gift of … Continue reading

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The Foundation of Eternal Security – A Breath of Fresh Air

So often I come across people either trying to be saved by Christ plus their own works or believers that are saved that are still drawn back to the law. Here are some verses on the security of the believer … Continue reading

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Kyle Idleman, Not a Fan, and Common Problems with Lordship Salvation Pt 2

  Continuing where I left off last time, here is part two of my reaction to Kyle Idleman’s book. Idleman, Kyle (2011-06-07). Not a Fan: Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus Zondervan. Kindle Edition. Kyle is the pastor of … Continue reading

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The False Teaching of “Perseverance of the Saints”

Last time I posted an article on the dangers of Reformed Theology. Today I wanted to follow that up with my responses to an article by Michael Milton titled Perseverance of the Saints. This was written in 2012 and I … Continue reading

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